Text reads: what is two factor authentication and why is 2fa important to keep you safe? Image is a cellphone showing a 2Fa code

What is Two Factor Authentication and How Does 2FA Keep us Safe?

This month we are focusing on the relief that two factor authentication, also known as 2FA, brings to our accounts. 

Perhaps when logging into your bank or email, you have come across two factor authentication procedures. It’s most likely your bank has already enforced 2FA on your login to your checking account, and most other sites offer it as an option. 

What is 2FA? 

Two factor authentication is the requirement of having two methods to confirm a login, ensuring greater security and helping to prevent fraudulent logins. This is a secure method of logging in and is a great relief if your passwords have been compromised.

Most of the time, when you input your password, the second factor notification that will come up is a text or call to your mobile phone number. You will receive a code that you will be prompted to input.  

What Kind of Accounts Need 2FA? 

Some of the most important accounts that should have 2FA set up include your email account, social networks such as Facebook, and any other account that has sensitive information or has the ability to reach out to your contacts.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, two factor authentication is becoming more common for different types of accounts. Some websites or softwares don’t even allow you to use their services if you do not have 2FA set. This is a great way to help keep your account secure, especially if your password strength isn’t up to par or you use the same password for multiple accounts. 

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