How to Keep Your Computer Safe: An Interview with Threatlocker

Check out this interview with our CEO, Ryan Carpenter, and Ben from Threatlocker, one of our trusted vendors, as they discuss privilege access management tools to maximize computer safety and security.

What is Application Whitelisting?

In this interview, learn all about application whitelisting and how it keeps us safe.

Essentially, application whitelisting, also known as ‘allow whitelisting’ or ‘allow by default,’ follows the model of: Allow what you need and block everything else. 

Think of it like the keys to your house. You only want a few select family members or friends to have keys to your house—you wouldn’t give keys to every person on the street. The same can be true for the applications we choose to run on our computers—we only want a select few trusted applications to run and we want to block anything else that could be malicious from running. 

This is a key ingredient to keeping you and your computer safe as well as overall network security

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